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New logo - new philosophy!

OK, so the new logo is just a bit of a refresh and re-launch BUT I do have a new philosophy for the orchestra in these uncertain times.

Why should classical concerts be as formal as most seem to be? I want to share our music-making in a relaxing environment. That doesn’t mean relaxing music - most classical music is not relaxing and nor should it be! I’m talking about stuffy concert etiquette that takes away from the music itself. So, here’s some changes we’re launching in 2022:

Relaxed dress code - for audiences or the musicians alike. If you want your performers to look like penguins, you know where to go.

No conductor walk-on. The Eroica musicians are my friends and colleagues. Why would I want to be separated from them when I will have been chatting to them moments earlier? I’ll be on stage to begin with.

No tickets. We’re not a professional orchestra and shouldn’t demand their ticket prices. We want to give of our best and share our music-making with as many of you as possible. I would like audience members to be able to come and listen without expectation or pressure to pay. Then, if you like what you hear and want to contribute towards our running costs, you can donate whatever you wish. We’re going to keep running costs down by not printing tickets and expensive programmes. 

Programmes will be printed simply and inexpensively. They will be available to download from our website, too.

The essence of what we do is in the music. That will not change.

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